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Justice Dalayed No More

Kenya judiciary has been making strides in adapting technology. This is an exercise that has been on going for the last three years in phases. So far it has been a success in that most case files have been digitized and now presence of computers in registrar’s desks can be seen.

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Kenya from 2010 to aboard 2011

This is my first article this year and I am excited writing it as the rest of the family heads to bed but for our lastborn makes many interrupts coz he wants to watch penguins of Madagascar.I recently came across an article that revealed encouraging statistics about the infrastructure in Kenya which made me more proud of being Kenyan and played a contributable role in my New Year resolutions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kenya Can Rise Higher Than This

“”Africa will succeed in becoming a global economic power house if it builds strong market within the continent”Kgalema Motlanthe,Deputy President SA

On his first official visit to Kenya that was what he had to say. More often that that has peen a recurring message that needs to be adopted in Africa.
Kenya has been recognized for being an investor hot cake in Africa because of her highly skilled human resource.That’s actually my point of discussion today. Kenyan Youth are approximately 24 million and they are at least acquitted with one talent. Kenya actually sits on a time bomb!
More efforts must be encouraged to support the youths to think as entreprenuers rather4 rather than employees. The sooner we start the better since vision 2030 will be realized earlier than envisoined.

I salute the government of Kenya for taking the bold steps of introducing youth, women and disabled funds.This are baby steps towards instilling the culture of entrepreneurship but more effort needs to be directed to attitude change in the youth. This will require more participation of the private sector and education.Its already started happening …am thinking about the Kenya ICT Board efforts they seem to be paying off but they might be overstretched if we don’t attract more enterprises.

If we have to match there then we must share a common vision.

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Direction of Technology

Come to think of it where is this technology heading….., mobile phones,ipads, laptops with processing power which woud rival super computers some years back. What does the future hold ? What if it lands on the wrong hands? What do we expect ? Technology is changing ,its adapting itself like a chameleon.To know this I guess one has to know which side of technology you are in ; the one who consumes tecchnology or the one who comes up with this high tech stuff. I tend to lean on the side of making new technologies , sounds more interesting. Well in the end its one choice ,but I emphasis developing new technology is better

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Mobile Web 2go Mobile, a Revolutionary mobile instant messaging App

The local social mobile networking monopoly has been enjoyed by mxit for a while now, but this is about to change in no time. Allow me to introduce 2go mobile.

2go is an awesome new mobile chatting application , (like mxit) that has almost everything that every single mobile phone enthusiast needs in a mobile chat application.

For those people that know me well, they will collectively tell you , im a full time mxit admirer , although at the present time, only part-time due to experiments , and discoveries of other technologies such as 2go, (by the way) of which i think is a F-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c application!

2go mobile is currently in it’s V1.5, However , the application is mature enough and currently offers some off-da-hook features which mxit can only dream of.

Impressive is the word to describe it. This new Mobile app is setting itself out to become not only a social mobile network, but also an advertising platform for businesses and hopefully (let’s all keep our fingers crossed) a mobile marketplace which will be a first in Kenya ust like in South Africa. “Big businesses” are you taking notice?

From the end user point of view, 2go works much like mxit . some of the already out there features like chatrooms, are available, but it possesses some VERY unique features.

my personal favourite thus far is the status settings similar to Facebook & twitter, where the user actually sets their own status! , unlike mxit where, a set of buttons (whatever they are called) represents the user’s profile.

It a hit….
for those who want in their phones follow the instructions below

Step1: On your mobile phone, open your browser and enter

Step 2: Follow the instructions and watch the application download to your phone.

Step 3: Once complete, find the 2go under ‘Games’ or ‘Applications’ and begin chatting.

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No company can be all things to all customers

“”It is very true that we do not have the high-end ‘mind share’ product, as we speak, but of course we are working to get there,” said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia president and chief executive.
At its investor day late last year, Nokia hinted it would produce major new devices this year. Analysts reckon it is hard at work on a so-called ‘iPhone killer’.
But Kallasvuo said it is not just about one expensive handset. “We are going for the consumer market, we are goin
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We could adopt use of M-Pesa, says US

The US will leverage her technology by importing innovations from Africa as part of the Obama Administration’s bid to strengthen relations with the continent.

Citing the M-Pesa evolution, US Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Judith McHale said her country’s economy could benefit by importing the revolutionary mobile money transfer system from Kenya.

“We do not have such a system in America and we could import it to make it part of our national payment system,” said Ms McHale.

M-Pesa is run by Kenya’s largest mobile phone service provider, Safaricom, as a platform to send and receive money by its subscribers using their handsets. The technology is a first in the world.

Ms McHale spoke on Friday after paying a courtesy call to the Nairobi Stock Exchange. She is on an official visit to the country.

In return, America will support local universities and colleges by initiating an exchange programme between her institutions and those in Kenya. And instead of going the traditional way of exchange programmes of moving people, the proposed exchange will also leverage on technology.

“We appreciate that it is a limit in the number of people we can move to America from Kenya and America to Kenya. We thus want to use technology to link universities and colleges so that they can share knowledge,” she added.

Serving home

On increased trade, she said, the Obama Administration is keen to see African countries focusing on serving home markets and thus supporting governments to address challenges of lack of links within the continent.

“We know there are impediments to more intra-continent trade in terms of communication and infrastructure. We want to encourage African governments to address these impediments,” said Ms McHale.

Appointed in President Obama’s Cabinet in May last year, Ms McHale’s duties are aimed at helping the American administration strengthen its relations with the rest of the world.

She is the former president and chief executive of Discovery Communication, which runs the Discovery Channel popular for airing documentaries on science, technology, adventure and nature news in over 170 countries.


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