Budget:Overcoming Today’s Challenges for a Better Kenya Tomorrow

09 Jun

I was moved by this tile that the Finance technocrats chose to give this year’s Kenyan budget that was focused on improving and consolidating the gains made from the previous investments and measures.

More often than not I have emphasized elsewhere that this country has got a sizeable block of youth who are enthusiastic, innovative and energetic whose potential if tapped can propel this great country to greater heights. Am happy that this year’s budget addressed exactly that but am only skeptic because the devil lies in the implementation details.

With more than 100Bn for agriculture I think we are finally getting our priority factors…because a hungry nation is less productive. Our small scale farmers who include the women and youth in the rural areas will finally have a lifeline. In my opinion their counterparts with expertise on the startups and agriculture and also research should generously apply their findings with the locals to benefit the country as whole. As youths we must embrace the spirit of knowledge transfer.

The youth and women funds have been boosted further by cumulative 1bn Kenya shillings. That is another opening for startups that in the long run will play a significant role in job creation and increase in revenues which is in line with the KRA’s punch line” Kulipa ushuru ni kujitegemea”. Indeed this is year’s budget is fully funded already with Kenyans financing 93% ..Thumbs Kenyans

The list is endless just read through the budget to get more on specifics.

I wish to conclude with these are the words used by Hon Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyan Finance minister as he concluded the budget 2011/2012 projections.

“It is important to note that 50% of these submissions were received from Kenyans

between the ages of 18 and 30 and I would like to specifically commend this group of young Kenyans who have taken it upon themselves to embrace technology and engage with the government through IT and social media, which I believe is the new frontier of public engagement. Mr. Speaker, I would also like to encourage you and members of the house who are not yet on these forums to join Facebook and Twitter and other similar platforms through which you can directly and constructively engage with Kenyans in real time”


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