Kenya from 2010 to aboard 2011

29 Jan

This is my first article this year and I am excited writing it as the rest of the family heads to bed but for our lastborn makes many interrupts coz he wants to watch penguins of Madagascar.I recently came across an article that revealed encouraging statistics about the infrastructure in Kenya which made me more proud of being Kenyan and played a contributable role in my New Year resolutions.

I begin by reflecting on the Kenyan GDP has grown from a paltry 2.6% to hit over 5% at the close of year that s encouraging this means that more business and employment opportunities are available though not enough but it’s worth celebrating baring in mind that economic crisis held the states hostage globally.

Kenyans had the last laugh by endorsing overwhelmingly the new constitution and already its implementation is being fast tracked by all stakeholders and ye that will want to derail the process will face the wrath of majority Kenyans who support it. Education wise we are doing well globally going by the statistics released recently we have surpassed the 70% mark set by the MDG committee. This is encouraging since it speaks volume on our bright future where education will be a normal thing for future generations and they won’t miss it, thanks to the new constitution.

What have been so spectacular 2010 is the performance of ICT sector. Three fibre optics, four telecommunication giants, over six handset manufactures, two biggest search engines and software firms and above all highly skilled human resource that you can’t find anywhere in Africa and even in some developed countries. I would want to commend the ICT Board of Kenya especially Paul Kokubo and Kaburo Kobia for the exemplarily work that they have done so far. Many Kenyans never thought that a public office like that one can really make such an impact but they proved us wrong. It has made the penetration of ICT in Kenya to go beyond 50% ,its evident from their ever engaging workshops for student ,business people, firms, NGOs, and they are even spreading their wings even further ….2011 might be their year to consolidate that and am serious about that. IHub and Google have also been engaging the talented youth of this great nation with an objective of nurturing and to some extent transferring the same skills to their firms and believe me much impact has been felt. The list is endless…..but this is a story for another time.

Back to my statistics the biggest projects in Kenya’s road network of about 177,800km will be officially open for use this year and its worthy 25bn, that’s THIKA road. Its an 8 lane with service lanes on both sides. This literally, makes it 12 laned and its expected to reduce to reduce carriage as it proceeds to Thika town. Lamu port ground breaking ceremony takes place in mid this year, it will be connected to two super highways and railway lines;Lamu –JUBA and NairobiAddis ababa it will cost Kenya almost $30bn it presents enormous opportunities especially for the current 24million youth and future generations that poverty will be a thing of the past, YES thing of the past….already the fibre optic is transforming Kenya but what has been witnessed so far is just but the start Watch the space as its utilization goes up

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